Steve Jobs’ Keynote Speeches

Steve Jobs has the art of the keynote down. Part Silicon Valley, part Hollywood, he’s able to enthrall audiences not just with desirable products, but with the right market timing, anticipation building, mood setting, even the stage lighting. Impressive stuff.

Here’s a collection of his product launch keynotes, in case you ever need some inspiration.

1984: The Macintosh

1998: The iMac

1999: The iBook

2001: The iPod

2004: The iPod Mini

2006: The MacBook

2007: The iPhone

2007: The iPod Nano

2008: The MacBook Air

2010: The iPad

The full keynote is broken up into 10 parts. It’s a bit much to embed all 10 parts here, but if you want to view them, you can see them on YouTube: part4, part5, part6, part7, part8, part9, & part10.

2011: The iPad 2

The Animated Secret Powers of Time

Now for some Friday fun.

Have you heard of the Stanford Prison Experiment? The one where good kids became bad? It was conducted by Professor Philip G. Zimbardo, a psychologist, professor emeritus at Stanford University, and author of The Lucifer Effect, and The Time Paradox.

Back on March 25 of this year, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, or RSA for short, invited him to give a talk, “The Secret Powers of Time,” about his theories from The Time Paradox.

Then RSA dediced to have Cognitive Media scribe this talk. Cognitive Media is a UK-based studio that draws illustrations of talks, which they call “scribing.” They remind me of Common Craft, the US-based studio behind the Explanations in Plain English videos, though I find the beautiful illustrations of Cognitive Media to be absolutely mesmorizing.

What an awesome idea, this scribing thing. It’s a delightfully visual way of enhancing an already wonderful lecture.

Check out what they’ve done to The Secret Powers of Time. Great talk, great scribing.

Props to: Christopher Lim

Toyota Sienna’s Swagger Wagon

Now for some Friday fun.

I gotta give props to Toyota (TM). This is one hilarious commercial. Almost makes me want to buy a Sienna minivan myself. Almost.

Created by the international production agency Caviar Content (in conjunction with Saatchi & Saatchi) and with music by the studio Black Iris, Toyota seems to be going after a new demographic. It hits the mark with some, but not so much with others.

Me, I think director Jody Hill and actors Rachel Drummond & Brian Huskey (as Mom & Dad) did a hilarious job. After a friend shared this with me on Facebook, I spent the better part of my morning watching the other Sienna ads on YouTube. They’re not as clever as the Swagger Wagon, and feel a lot more like typical – tho funny – commercials. But the Swagger Wagon seems to be the first aimed at this new audience.

P.S. If you like this song enough, you can download it as an MP3.

Props to: George Diaz

You Have 0 Friends

Now for some Friday fun.

Facebook makes an appearance on South Park. As does Tron, Mad Money, and Chatroulette, amongst others. Hilarity ensues. Full episode is currently available as of this post, but may be taken down in a few days, so here are some clips just in case.


I Made A Friend Today!!

So I’m Not One Of Them?

Relationship Status

Mad Friends

No Friends

Thumbs Up

Poke Your Grandma

Looking For Quality Friends

Let The Game Commence

Powerful Profiles

Profile Stan Marsh

Ending a Friendship

User vs. Profile

I’ve Got Nobody!

Wow, after all these clips, who needs the full episode, huh?

I’m a PC vs I’m a Mac

Now for some Friday fun.

You know those “I’m a PC” Microsoft Windows 7 (MSFT) TV ads with the cute Asian kid? The ones that make you want a cute Asian kid more than Windows 7? (Zing! haha)

Her name is Kylie Kim and she’s been getting some attention, like from Sony VAIO and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

So you know what that means. Time for a parody!