Amazon Kindle for Textbooks

Wish I could say I called it first, but it was an obvious idea from the start. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon (AMZN) “plans to unveil a new version of its Kindle e-book reader with a larger screen and other features designed to appeal to periodical and academic textbook publishers.” Beginning this fall, … Continue reading “Amazon Kindle for Textbooks”

Lots of Chatter About the Kindle Lately

Have you noticed? There’s been a lot of chatter about the Amazon Kindle (AMZN) on Techmeme lately. I love seeing buzz like this. It’s not just early adopters and technologists enthusing about the Kindle either. Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement has also spurred demand. Some of the more notable articles: Analyst: Apple turns its back on e-book … Continue reading “Lots of Chatter About the Kindle Lately”

The New Amazon Kindle 2

I’m salivating right now. Could be because someone’s eating a plate of French fries next to me. Or could be because Amazon (AMZN) just released the new Kindle 2. Either way, both are equally scrumptious. A ton has been written about the Kindle already, so I’m not going to copy-and-paste everything. What I’ll say instead … Continue reading “The New Amazon Kindle 2”

Oprah Loves the Amazon Kindle

Oh boy! Oprah Winfrey “new favorite favorite thing in the world” is the Amazon Kindle! Go Oprah Effect go! Although the Amazon Kindle costs $359, Oprah looks at it as an environmentally friendly investment. “I know it’s expensive in these times, but it’s not frivolous because it will pay for itself,” she says. “The books … Continue reading “Oprah Loves the Amazon Kindle”

iPhone’s Stanza Validates E-books and the Kindle

I love it when I hear news like this. Andy Greenberg and James Erik Abels over at Forbes just reported that the “IPhone Steals Lead Over Kindle“. They’re talking about the Stanza iPhone app. It’s been available free on Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone App Store since July 2008 and has been downloaded more than 395,000 times … Continue reading “iPhone’s Stanza Validates E-books and the Kindle”

Wish List for the Amazon Kindle

Guess what’s been on my mind? Yup, the Amazon Kindle. How’d you guess? While it’s enlightening to praise and debate, I know it has quite a few improvements to make before it rocks the market. Sure, it has more promise than it’s competitors, but if it doesn’t maintain its lead, than I’ll be a sad … Continue reading “Wish List for the Amazon Kindle”

Debating the Amazon Kindle

I’m having a fun ole’ debate over the Amazon (AMZN) Kindle right now. It’s taking place in the comments of a previous post between myself and Nicholas Zakas, a published author, seasoned programmer, and all-around intelligent guy. I like debates. They give me a chance to hone my opinions and positions on various topics. I’ll … Continue reading “Debating the Amazon Kindle”

High Hopes for the Amazon Kindle

Remember your first iPod? Remember the first song you purchased from Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes Store? Remember the 100th song? I got a chance to check out Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle this past weekend. It was almost like seeing an iPod for the first time. I couldn’t stop drooling and fawning over all the buttons and controls. … Continue reading “High Hopes for the Amazon Kindle”