Creative Review Says: Your Mother is a Whore

This just in from the Creative Review: Your Mother is a Whore. But that’s only if you’re a subscriber to that UK magazine. The subscribers received this February 2007 issue in a brown envelope with those words crudely written on it. What’s up with that? Why so mean? Adrian Shaughnessy from the Design Observer tells … Continue reading “Creative Review Says: Your Mother is a Whore”

Will Blog for Cash

What are all the ways to make money off your blog? When Darren Rowse of recently published his top income streams, it got me thinking. My aim isn’t to make a living off my blog. I already have a job I love (it’s like getting paid for a hobby). But I’ll admit I’ve fantasized … Continue reading “Will Blog for Cash”

The Pageview is Dead

Last December, ComScore reported that someone finally topped Yahoo! (YHOO) in pageviews. It was News Corp’s (NWS) MySpace. This seemed like big news at the time. “Oh my goodness! Someone beat Yahoo!” Unfortunately, a poor metric was glamourized: the pageview. David Dueblin at On Tokyo Time amusingly writes: The page view metric (PV) is already … Continue reading “The Pageview is Dead”