The New Google Keyword Tool

Happy happy, joy joy! Google has updated their Keyword Tool. You can now get the exact number of searches on particular keywords. That may sound pretty benign to you, unless you’re an internet marketer of some sort. In which case, it’s HUGE news. Enormous. In the past, you had to guesstimate the amount of traffic … Continue reading “The New Google Keyword Tool”

Is Google Afraid of Microhoo (or Yahsoft)?

Here’s something that made me go Hmmm? Yesterday, David Drummond, the Chief Legal Officer of Google (GOOG), posted what appears to be their official reaction to Microsoft’s (MSFT) bid for Yahoo! (YHOO): “Yahoo! and the future of the Internet“. The reaction from the blogosphere has largely been WTF? Pot calling the kettle black methinks!“ “Seems … Continue reading “Is Google Afraid of Microhoo (or Yahsoft)?”

Optimizing Google for Google

Now for some Friday fun. You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), yea? That’s when you do things to your website to make it rank higher in a search engine’s search results. A whole industry has sprouted around knowing how to do these techniques well and consulting on such techniques. Coincidentally, I’ve learned quite a … Continue reading “Optimizing Google for Google”

What if Yahoo! had purchased Google?

Fred Vogelstein published an article in Wired last week entitled “How Yahoo Blew It.” It’s gotten a bit of buzz in the blogosphere since then. The article discusses Yahoo!’s (YHOO) potential purchase of Google (GOOG) in the summer of 2002. (Disclosure: I’m a Yahoo! employee and shareholder.) It made me wonder. What if Yahoo! really … Continue reading “What if Yahoo! had purchased Google?”

How to Recruit and Build an Effective Team of Developers

Hiring great developers is one of the top challenges cited by many technology startups, if not THE top challenge. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a technique that will help you put together a high-performing, cost-efficient, and loyal team of technical engineers. I’m writing this from the standpoint of software engineers, though I have been told it could … Continue reading “How to Recruit and Build an Effective Team of Developers”

Edtech Trend: Aggregation and Curation

The market for education technology is exploding right now. As of this article, there are over 90,000 iOS apps in the education category of the iTunes App Store, and over 90,000 Android apps in the education category of the Google Play marketplace. That’s 180,000 mobile apps between iOS and Android. If you throw in the … Continue reading “Edtech Trend: Aggregation and Curation”

How to Find K-12 Teachers for Edtech Product Feedback

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.” – Michael LeBoeuf If you are building an edtech product aimed at K-12 teachers, you’re going to need feedback from them. Be it for customer discovery and validation, market research, beta testing, or something else, it is critical to talk to your … Continue reading “How to Find K-12 Teachers for Edtech Product Feedback”