Marketing with Lolcats

Lolpizza Now for some Friday fun. I have a guilty secret.

I’ve been secretly coveting lolcat sites, like I Can Has Cheezburger?.

I didn’t follow them the first time around. When the second wave came, I caught it and started surfing it with glee.

(I blame LOLTrek for getting me into lolcats. Someone pointed me to that link and from there, I’ve been hooked onto lolcats ever since.)

I know, I know. But what can I say, I’m a fan of corny jokes. And lolcats are about as corny as you can get.

So when David Friedman of Ironic Sans suggested Lolcatvertisements, I thought to myself: HAHAHA!

The way I see it, companies have about a week or so left in the life of the lolcat meme to come up with some clever ads that use the lolcat format.

Take a pizza and burger joint, for example. They could start with a picture of a pizza delivery guy, with the caption “I’M IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, DELIVERING YOUR PIZZA” or it could have a picture of a burger and fries with the caption “YES YOU CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER.”

I know, I know. The lolcat thing is fading again and lots of people can’t wait for it to die. But it still makes me chuckle. Hehe.

Biz Idea: Spyware & Virus Clean-up

Wired Magazine Sometimes I come up with random business ideas. After reading the article, “Desperate Botnet Battlers Call for an Internet Driver’s License” at, this idea came to me.

What if there was a service that helped you clean off all the spyware and viruses on your computer? Their overall mission would be to improve the security and performance of your computer, of which cleaning up spyware and viruses is just one step. There are many other performance-enhancing steps also.

They would target non-tech savvy households with computers. The positioning would be around how insecure and fragile your computer is without the proper protection. Which conjures up imagines of laptop condoms in my head, for some reason.

Oh, but then there’s Geek Squad. This is pretty much what they do right now. Except that they’re not really positioned just for computer security and performance. Hmmm. I suppose this business idea could be a marketing idea for them too.

Problem is, I don’t know of many non-tech savvy households with computers that actually use Geek Squad. I’m not sure why. Maybe people think Geek Squad is too expensive. Maybe they don’t even know what Geek Squad is.

The service I’m talking about would aim for those not being served by Geek Squad. Some audience research could determine an available segment there somewhere, I’m sure.

Perhaps the price could be promoted at the forefront, so people know this service is affordable. They’d be known as The $20 Jiffy Lube for Laptops or something.

High school kids could make up the staff, keeping internal costs low and computer knowledge high. Because, as everyone knows, the younger you are, the more you know about computers.

I’m not sure if vehicles are necessary, like with Geek Squad. If house calls are requested, perhaps a pizza delivery model could work, where the employee drives his/her own car and is reimbursed for gas. As the business expands, a fleet could be considered.

A storefront location would be important though, to show legitimacy and professionalism. Otherwise, why would you be willing to drop off your personal laptop to a bunch of strangers? Also, this would give the high school kids a place to do their magic.

So basically, this is a computer repair shop marketed as a spyware & virus cleaner to people who notice their computers getting slower or who are paranoid about malicious software. Hmmm. Think it’ll work?