It’s All About Asking Questions

Perhaps the most important question in the world is: Why? This question leads to all kinds of insight, and occasionally, innovation & invention. Why? Because questioning the reasons behind “the way things are” allows you the opportunity to usurp the status quo and find interconnections that you otherwise may not have realized. This curiosity digs … Continue reading “It’s All About Asking Questions”

Biz Idea: Social Media Market Research App

Want to see a list of links that will boggle your eyes? Last week, I listed a number of online services that could be used to perform market research. After seeing that list, I wondered: How about a single online app that helps you do all of that? A social media market research app. Here’s … Continue reading “Biz Idea: Social Media Market Research App”

How to Use Social Media for Market Research

Pssst, wanna hear a secret? You can conduct free market research using online social media tools. I don’t know about you, but free is my favorite price. You may already know that you can tap into a plethora of statistics from the US government (e.g. census data, economic statistics, etc). There are also a ton … Continue reading “How to Use Social Media for Market Research”

Amazon to Sell E-books on the iPhone Too

I love it when smart deals are made. Yesterday, Amazon (AMZN) announced plans to offer e-books for sale on the Apple (AAPL) iPhone and iPod Touch. The e-books will be accessible via a free Amazon iPhone application which hasn’t been released yet. You might see this move as making the iPhone a direct competitor of … Continue reading “Amazon to Sell E-books on the iPhone Too”