11 Reasons Why WordCamp Ruled

WordCamp San Francisco 2009 I geeked out this weekend. Went to WordCamp in San Francisco and saw a bunch of old friends, met a few new ones, and found some developers for WebMocha. Geeking out is fun!

And so was WordCamp. Let me tell you why:

  1. Tim Ferris showed us how to “peel” a hard-boiled egg without peeling it. Well, he didn’t really show us at the conference, he just referred to this as an example of a viral post.
  2. BuddyPress is a suite of WordPress plugins and themes that can turn WP into a social network. I’ve heard about this before and am now itching to try it out.
  3. Matt Cutts told the audience: “Avoid BO”
  4. Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz has a secret diary. Can’t believe I didn’t hear about this one sooner.
  5. Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress and WordPress MU (Multi-User) are going to merge into the core WordPress installation. Makes total sense.
  6. Some guy loves WordPress so much that he got himself a WordPress tattoo. “I guess we can never change the logo,” said Mullenweg.
  7. The BBQ lunch was tasty. Yum.
  8. Tara Hunt uttered the question: “Are there any cougars out there?” Hehe.
  9. Ann Oyama did her very first conference presentation ever. Her nervousness was endearing and her custom WordPress theme tips great for beginners.
  10. Someone accidentally exited Steve Souder’s presentation through the side door, setting off the fire alarm. But we forgive him. He’s Canadian. Heh.
  11. Mullenweg reveals a WordPress easter egg. Ooo!

P.S. Bonus points for you if you know where I got the title of this entry from.

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