An Unidentified User is Following Me on Google Buzz

This is odd. In my list of followers on Google Buzz (GOOG), there is an unidentified user. How mysterious.

I didn’t know Google’s accounts allowed you to create an account anonymously, much less follow someone anonymously. Aren’t names required?

I’m flattered an unidentified user is following me. It’s not like they can’t follow me on Twitter anonymously already. Perhaps this is part of the new privacy features Google Buzz is rolling out.

Anyone know anything about how this?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

2 thoughts on “An Unidentified User is Following Me on Google Buzz”

  1. Know anybody with a address?

    Try following and unfollowing them and see what changes in your list of people you follow.

    1. Ah, I do know some people with a address. Was that it?

      I had tried comparing my Buzzes with Mr. Unidentified User followed & unfollowed, but apparently this person hasn’t made any buzzes, so I saw no changes.

      And I just noticed that Mr. Unidentified User is no longer following me. Gee. I hope I didn’t offend him (or her) by calling him (or her) out. Now I kinda miss him (or her).

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