Biz Idea: Drinks at Gas Station Pumps

You know what a hot day like today needs? A cool, refreshing beverage. But I need to get some gas first.

Ah, here’s a gas station. But aww damn, I have to walk over to the mini mart to get my frosty beverage? I’m a lazy man of convenience. Screw that.

What I want is to be able to get my frosty drink right here at the gas pump. It could be as simple as a vending machine. I might think twice about heading into the store, but while waiting at the pump, I’m primed for a convenient impulse buy.

Speaking of impulse buys, I’m feeling snacky too. Some potato chips would hit the spot. A snack machine at the pump would be paradise next to the soda machine.

Why take the extra steps when I don’t have to, right? Extra steps in real life are like extra clicks in digital life.

Convenience for impulse buyers isn’t the only reason to consider drinks – and snacks – at the gas pumps. Safety is also a concern too.

If it’s a sketchy neighborhood and you’re driving alone at night, perhaps you’d rather stay by your car than to walk into a mini mart. Vending machines by the gas pumps wouldn’t just be a convenience, they would also be a safety measure too.

There’s also the potential extra revenue to be had. In this economy, what kind of business owner wouldn’t want that?

So be nice to your customers and your wallet. Consider offering drink and snack vending machines by your gas station pumps. On a hot day like this, I’d sure buy something!

Photo by: ^riza^

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.