Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge

It’s baaack…’s Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is back for a second time this year. And this time, it includes a free $25 Micro Account from FXCM, a forex market. Otherwise, it looks to have the same rules as last time.

The challenge starts on November 17th.

I can’t say I’m too hot on playing this again. It’s not because of my previous dismal results – though I’m sure if I was a previous winner, I might be more motivated. It’s really because, well, the game has gotten kinda boring.

It was kinda cool when it first came out. A novelty and all that. There was even a friendly wager going on between a friend and I. But I’m not too familiar with forex trading and it’s more about gaming the game than playing it like a real market – cuz it isn’t a real market; it’s just a derivative of a real market.

So I dunno… I think I’ll sit this one out. Are you going to play it this time around?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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