Don’t Believe Everything You See

I used to be a pre-press operator. I digitally touched-up photographs and artwork for a national magazine. This included preflighting, color correcting, retouching, positioning, and raster image processing.

Back then, doing all of this work required a Scitex machine, which costed about a quarter of a million dollars. Today, all of that can be done on a MacBook Pro.

But that’s not the scary part. The scary part was what I manipulated.

I airbrushed the wrinkles off of Oprah Winfrey’s face. And Hilliary Clinton’s face. I straightened out their hair, deepened their lipstick, and even shaved off a few pounds. All digitally.

Not scared? Okay, I understand. You never trusted magazine photos anyways, right? How about on TV?

Via: MediaBlog

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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