Ridiculous Small-Business Plan Encouraged By Friends

Now for some Friday fun. This just in from the fabulously accurate and oh-so-informative news source, The Onion:

Due in large part to the encouragement of her so-called friends, 34-year-old Karen Sabin quit her steady job to make and sell homemade gourmet dog biscuits out of her home, the former hospital receptionist told reporters Monday.

It’s a heroic story of a small-town girl finding her entrepreneurial passion with the encouragement of her friends.

Sabin said she arrived at the idea of producing gourmet dog biscuits in May, not through careful market research, but through a discussion with [her friend Angie] Anderton.

Who needs market research when you have friends like Anderton?

In the past three weeks, Sabin has given out nearly 60 dog biscuits and sold almost twice that many, all to friends. By conservative estimates, unless she experiences a 4,000 percent increase in sales, Sabin will be forced out of business before the end of the year.

A 4,000% increase really isn’t that much. It’s like 4%, but with 3 zeroes behind it. When you look at it that way, it’s not so bad.

We all could learn from brave entrepreneurial Sabin here. Got an idea and some encouraging friends? It doesn’t matter if the idea sucks or not. Quit your job and start at it!

Props to: Eric Rodriguez

Author: Mike Lee

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