Silicon Valley vs Los Angeles Tech Entrepreneurs

I’m moving to Southern California in a few months. Knowing this, a friend pointed me to Jason Nazar’s latest blog entry, “A Tale of Two Tech Cities – Silicon Valley vs. Los Angeles“.

Nazar, the founder of Santa Monica start-up, compares the web & technology entrepreneurs he’s met in Silicon Valley with those he’s met in Los Angeles. While they are only his opinions and generalizations (a disclaimer he clearly notes), they are interesting opinions and generalizations. Perhaps fodder to what I should expect when I make the move?

Silicon Vally Tech Founders Los Angeles Tech Founders

“Bay area founders are amazing technologists. They build obsessively user focused products, do a fantastic job at virally driving a ton of traffic, but usually have their head up their ass when it comes to making money.”

“At parties in the Bay people talk about Twitter, Friend Feed, what’s being written on Valleywag and Techcrunch, and kickball games between VC’s and entrepreneurs.”

“Folks in the Bay are generally way more obsessive about their products, work harder/longer, can be a bit snobby about their accomplishments and tend to be clique-ish.”

“Los Angles founders are hustlers and deal makers. They are more focused on the bottom line and care more about their P&L than their products, which tend to be messy.”

“At parties in Los Angeles people talk about a media deal they’re “closing”, what TV star is at the party, and some “gray hat” spam-like technique that made them an extra 100K last month.”

“Folks in Los Angeles are shrewder business people, have better interpersonal skills, but are more full of shit and two faced, and struggle to build products that get virally adopted.”

Utter bullshit? Hint of truth? What do you think?

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Author: Mike Lee

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