The Advertiser/Customer Break Up

Now for some Friday fun. What happens when advertisers and customers start getting intimate? Miscommunication. Trouble. And eventually, a break up.

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie:

This video was created by Geert Desager, a Trade Marketing Manager South East Asia for Microsoft (wow, that title is a mouthful), and the Belgium-based ad agency Openhere. They also created a companion blog called Bring the love back. This was all part of a marketing campaign from Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions to promote their search engine advertising products.

It has since been followed up by a second movie, which stars the Advertiser, CEO, and Creative Director (with the last “R” turned backwards for extra irreverence), and a companion blog called Get Inspired Here. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the second movie as, uh, inspiring. The first one was hilarious. A great play on a couple’s break up. The second one, eh. What was it a play on? A corporate meeting with executives and marketing personnel? That’s just not as funny.

I think they’re working on a third one right now. Hopefully it’ll be better. Good luck guys!

Author: Mike Lee

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