The Haiku Out-Of-Office Email

Yahoo Cube Tchotchkes Now for some Friday fun.

Back at Yahoo! (YHOO), there was an unofficial rule of being able to telecommute one day a week. It was known as WFH, or Work From Home. Along with that was another acronym, OOO, or Out Of Office.

Whenever someone would WFH, or be OOO, they’d send an email to their entire team. Sometimes it would include a reason. Other times, simply a “WFH” as the email subject and nothing else.

Isaac Schlueter of Foo Hack recently wrote about an awesome tradition in his team at Yahoo! – writing haiku emails. Whenever someone is going to be WFH or OOO, they’d send it in the form of haiku.

Some examples:

Sick on an airplane.
Second carry-on: virus.
Infect passengers.

Nothing in iCal:
Must take advantage of this.
Work in pajamas.

Sneezing mightily
Wish not to infect colleagues
Thus working from home

How awesome an idea is that? Wish I had thought of it!

The next time you’re going to be out of the office or telecommuting (if your company allows it), consider communicating it in haiku.

Coworkers boring?
Office drab and tiring?
Why not make work fun!

Even a little
Can go a long way sometimes
Start a trend haiku

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