The Value of Software Engineers Dave Shen just wrote an entry that made me laugh. Not in a Haha What a Funny Joke! way. More in a Hells Yea That’s Sure True way.

He wrote, “It Sucks to Not Be an Engineer…“, and talks about the difficulty of trying to start up a Web-based business without knowing how to programming or having software engineers by your side.

For non-engineers, it’s a tough to build a Web 2.0 company without being an engineer, or having one as a partner. You could hire an outsourced engineering firm but that could run your costs up to $30k to $100k per month for many months. You could raise that but you’d need 6-12 months to build something.

Best bet: Find an engineer or two and bring them on board with your concept.

Second best bet: buy Ruby on Rails for Dummies and start programming.

True, too true. I know of a bunch of entrepreneurs who are searching endlessly for software engineers as well. Even those with growing businesses need more engineers.

Which means it’s a damn good time to be a software engineer. Hehe.

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.