Top 10 Ways to Deal with Information Overload

My brain hurts. There’s too much to keep track of on the Internet. Blogs, ezines, newsletters, forums, news sites, mailing lists, social networks. It’s a wonder my head doesn’t explode on a daily basis. What’s a busy web geek to do?

Here are ten ways I can think of to deal with information overload:

  1. Read only the top stories highlighted on Techmeme.
  2. Put all the blogs and news sites you want to read on Google Reader and ignore everything else.
  3. Rely on your geekiest friend and get all the top news from him or her.
  4. Read a news aggregation service like Yahoo! News or Google News.
  5. Read only and miss out on all the hype on new companies that may change the world.
  6. Read only TechCrunch and hear about hyped-up companies that may not exist a few years from now.
  7. Read only The Onion and attain a higher understanding of life and the world.
  8. Read only this blog and attain utter nirvana and pure bliss (tee hee).
  9. Move to Alaska and learn how to ice-fish.
  10. Shut off your computer and go for a run outside, you lazy bastard.

How do you deal with information overload?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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