Who Are You, My New Twitter Followers?

Hop! Onto the Twitter bandwagon I go. I just created a Twitter account.

Well, I actually created it a while ago, but just decided to follow a bunch of friends and tech industry professionals last night. Partly to understand the potential of this new technology and social media/communication method, and partly to see what the heck my friends are up to.

Then, suddenly, amidst a few reciprocal follows from friends, I got a bunch from strangers. Wow. And I haven’t even made a single tweet yet! I feel so… faux importante!

I wonder what makes a person blindly follow another person? Especially when that person hasn’t made a single tweet yet?

Well, I suppose I answered my own question by following these “tech industry professionals.” But then, I took a peek at each of their twitter streams to see if they mostly made insightful industry-specific tweets, or random personal junk. (It was a mix of both.) I did see a friend who only made three or four tweets ever, so I didn’t bother following him.

Who are you, my new Twitter follower strangers?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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