xkcd’s Sudo Sandwich Webcomic

Now for some Friday fun. Let’s geek out today.

  • If you’ve seen this comic before = 10 points
  • If you understand this comic += 20 points
  • If you’ve posted this comic on your cube before += 50 points
  • If you actually own this t-shirt += 100 points

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

4 thoughts on “xkcd’s Sudo Sandwich Webcomic”

  1. What I understand is that the guy sitting on the couch wants the guy who is standing up whose name is Sudo to make the guy sitting down on the couch a sandwich.

  2. Even worse, a friend and coworker of mine has named her new puppy “Sudo”! Now when she gives it commands, such as “Sudo come”, it’ll have to obey!

  3. @Daniel: hehe you’re sorta close. sudo is a unix command that sort of gives you the ability to do whatever you want. (That’s not exactly technically accurate, but you can assume it is for the purposes of this comic.)

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