Biz Ideas from Twitter

Twitter Business ideas are easy. It’s execution that’s tough.

I recently made that tweet because, well, I believe it to be true. There are many ways to brainstorm and come up with great business ideas. Actually going out and doing it is significantly tougher than that.

Since I began tweeting in earnest, I’ve come up with a few business ideas too. Not all are great. Some are downright stupid, I’ll admit. But hey, that’s the fun of brainstorming ideas. You just let your mind wander, stupid or not. Only after you’ve generated a ton of ideas do you decide which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t.

Here is where mine has wandered so far:

  • Build-a-Bear-like store, except u can mix-n-match animal parts. A bear w/ wings, duck bill & elephant trunk, for example. 9:19 AM Mar 17th

  • Designer oxygen tanks for people in smoggy cities like LA, NYC, Beijing, etc. 3:23 PM Mar 19th

  • Med-to-large boxes should have handles. (Not really a biz idea, more like a packaging idea…) 6:39 PM Mar 19th

  • Barbers & hairdressers that make house calls. Wonder if that’s been done already… 3:15 PM Mar 21st

  • Online niche directory of businesses for at-home web workers & entrepreneurs, like, mailboxes etc (online & offline). 4:20 PM Mar 21st

  • Make Gummy Vites multi-vitamins for adults – luv ’em! 10:04 PM Mar 22nd

  • How about a niche blog network of men’s topics, a la GQ + Maxim + Car & Driver (an older idea of mine) 1:48 PM Mar 25th

  • A CPM ad network for games like WoW, GTA, Wii Fit, etc, where u can upload ur ad or logo & have them appear in the games. 8:28 PM Mar 25th

  • The Office + American Idol = mockumentary TV show about the drama behind the contestants. Or +Top Chef +Survivor +Apprentice, etc. 11:52 AM Mar 27th

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Author: Mike Lee

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