CNBC’s 2008 Portfolio Challenge: How to Win

I like to win. Blame it on my competitive nature, the euphoria of winning, or the adrenalin of success. In any case, I like to win.

So when Bill Barker wrote “How to Win CNBC’s Million-Dollar Portfolio Challenge“, my ears perked like a cat hearing a can opener. (Meeeow!) Here’s what Barker suggests:

  1. Use all five portfolios.
  2. Maintain a super-concentrated portfolio.
  3. Size matters, so go small.
  4. Focus on earnings announcements.
  5. Look at companies trading at or near 52-week lows.
  6. Celebrate low-priced stocks.
  7. Look for shorts; they are great candidates for quick upward moves.
  8. Invest in possible mergers, as they could offer a quick pop.
  9. Biotech stocks frequently populate the top performers of the day.
  10. Simply have fun.

Good advice there. I’ve already used some of it. He also suggests these stocks, which more or less fit the criteria he’s outlined:

Let’s see how on-the-money his advice will be. And good luck everyone!

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

5 thoughts on “CNBC’s 2008 Portfolio Challenge: How to Win”

  1. I just created a portfolio with those picks. I wonder how many other schmucks like me did that too. ;-)

  2. Hrm. I can’t get BBI for whatever reason. The system is totally messed most of the times. Couldn’t even trade the first day. Talk about skewed results. And the whole “real-time” trades? Yeah… not so. If it was real-time, it wouldn’t be pending for the entire day.

    No shorting, no options, no day trades, and you can’t buy except with that lame little slider. Bleh I say. Bleh. And I’m still in top 1.5%. ha.

  3. @BJ, I was about too do that as well, but figured if lots of other people were going to do it, that wouldn’t help my standings at all. Good luck with your other picks, man!

  4. @darkmoon, you know, I haven’t been able to access and view my account on CNBC for the last few days. So I haven’t been doing their Daily Trivia either. Stupid website. They gotta fix them bugs.

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