The Link Between Breasts and Stocks just completed their Playboy 2006 Stock-Picking Contest. In this contest, ten Playboy (PLA) Playmates each selected five stocks to be tracked throughout 2006. The one with the highest percentage gain received $50,000 to be donated to a charity of her choice.

So, does beauty have a brain? If I were to correlate something like, say, augmented breast size with overall portfolio percentage gain, would there be a relationship? Let’s see.

Playmate Breast Size Portfolio Gain
Deanna Brooks 36C 43.43%
Courtney Culkin 34C 32.84%
Amy Sue Cooper 34C 28.19%
Kara Monaco 34C 16.59%
Lindsey Vuolo 34DD 13.39%
Pennelope Jimenez 34D -1.28%
Christine Smith 34DDD -1.93%
Pilar Lastra 34C -3.32%
Jillian Grace 36D -5.39%
Amy McCarthy 34D -36.95%

I converted each cup size into a 20% fraction, starting with a C cup. So:

  • C += 0.2
  • D += 0.4
  • DD += 0.6
  • DDD += 0.8

Here is the chart of their percentage gains, ordered from highest to lowest:

Percentage Gain Chart

Now if there is a correlation, this next chart should have a similar curve:

Breast Size Chart

However, it does not. So apparently there is no correlation. Too bad. What does this exercise teach us? That:

  • 34C is the minimum breast size needed to be a Playmate
  • They’re doing wonders with plastic surgery nowadays
  • I had to do this “research” at home, otherwise I would have gotten an interesting email from IT
  • Yamana Gold (AUY) went up 99.39% in 2006!
  • Deanna Brooks is turned off by hairy backs

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

2 thoughts on “The Link Between Breasts and Stocks”

  1. this was worth a smile for sure although I was hoping you would have found a corelation or two, and you could have commisioned a detailed study (for scientific purposes of course).

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