Zuckerberg’s Law

It’s being referred to enough by the media that I think it will become a commonly-known adage. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Law, I mean. And I don’t mean the “Once every hundred years media changes” statement he made. The other one:

I would expect that next year, people will share twice as much information as they share this year, and next year, they will be sharing twice as much as they did the year before.

Not only have I been hearing & seeing it in the press, but even industry movers, shakers, and funders are mentioning it. Most recently, Yuri Milner, the CEO and founder of the Russian Internet holding company Digital Sky Technologies, referred to it during his interview at the 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt conference. DST is also an investor of Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s Law hasn’t been proven yet, so it’s tough to compare it against a golden standard like Moore’s Law. But it certainly feels intuitively true. Will it become a golden standard too? Only time will tell.

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.