CNBC’s 2008 Portfolio Challenge

It’s that time of year again. Time to take part in CNBC’s 2008 Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge!

I entered this contest last year with a few average picks, and when it was discovered that some participants were gaming the system, the whole thing started becoming kinda lame. My final results were okay too: a 5.2% increase. Not bad.

This year, CNBC has changed up the rules because of last year’s cheating. (Interesting anecdote: after disqualifying all the cheaters, last year’s winner, Mary Sue Williams, is apparently still a waitress who is now getting lousy tips – cuz she’s rich, her customers tell her.)

The rules now include:

  • Requiring at least four stocks in your portfolio
  • Allowing up to five portfolios within your account
  • Allowing currency trading in addition to stock trading

Officially, this contest began yesterday. Their website has been marred with outages and problems, however, so I’ve had a hard time getting in and setting up my portfolio. I wonder if this year’s contest is going to be kinda lame too. I hope not, though I kind of think it will, especially with the rough start it’s been having. Bummer.

Author: Mike Lee

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5 thoughts on “CNBC’s 2008 Portfolio Challenge”

  1. oh wow… last years winner is still waitressing… i laughed when i read that shes getting lousy tips… hey she is still a waitress, she deserves those tips, winner or no winner…

  2. It’s a lousy website, in terms of ease of use and ability to manuever. It took almost an hour (at 2am yet; that’s what retirement allows) to configureĀ one portfolio. Other sites are OK, so it’s not my provider. Unless it improves, it’s not worth the effort.

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